Rwby watches movies fanfiction

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rwby watches movies fanfiction

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Oseng Start date Dec 11, Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev of Go to page. Staff Post View all 14 threadmarks Reader mode Recent threadmarks Information: An Orange Peon and nemo have volunteered to be thread collaborators for the thread. Please tag them if you need anything tagged. I'd also like to thank them both for volunteering. Information: I'm threadmarking the requested posts, however, we are are looking for thread collaborators to take over such duties.

Please apply in the staff communications forum. Warning about lemons Poor Carltron, he just wants everything nice and tidy Back on topic, again. Reader mode. Oseng Super Moderator. This is the new thread for the general discussion or recommendation of RWBY fanfictions.

That code is as follows: a We expect people to be able to say their piece and disengage peacefully. Disagreement is not trolling, however repeated harassment or posts to garner a reaction is not allowed. Posts will be held to higher debate standards and therefore should center more around evidence and logical arguments.

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However, this is not some way to shut down discussions of things you don't like. Do not get overly defensive when someone criticizes the show or aspects of it.

However, this is not a license for people to jump in and attack the show's fans.

Movie Night

In other words go after people's arguments not the people themselves. We're getting very impatient and frustrated at how frequent these sort of discussions and problems crop up, so it is no-tolerance when it comes to this in RWBY in general from now on.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Aoi is a bi queen, kou needs a break, Mitsuba and Amane bond over tik tok but Tsukasa ruins it for them. Sakura refuses to quit Tumblr, Natsuhiko gets ignored Glimmer discovers something on AO3 that makes her uncomfortable.

Thankfully, Adora is there to help her cheer up. Annabeth managed to escape Tartarus and join the seven in the war against Gaea, but Percy was left behind. Now, three centuries later the Doors of Death are opening again and a quest will enter the Pit to free the son of Poseidon.

Nine heroes will enter the Pit, finding unexpected allies and enemies they never thought were still alive as they search for the Hero of Olympus. Author's Note: OK, I'd like to say thank you to the wonderful amazhang dragonswoe who let me do this!

Hope you enjoy! Just so you know I have changed some European wordings to Canadian, hope everyone is okay with that, and please let me know how it was! Lena is a nerdwho is all too familiar with the concept of fanfiction. Reading about the specific strange breed of RPF that involve people she actually knows, however, starts with Andrea sending her links to sexually explicit stories shipping her brother with his best friend.

It starts as morbid curiosity, and grows into a vaguely fun hobby over the years.

People reacts to rwby fanfiction

When Lena reads the first fic, which is essentially porn with little plot, of her with Supergirl, she's mostly just glad to see someone writing not horrible things about her. But then, the newly dubbed SuperCorp ship starts to sail with shocking speed, quickly competing with the equally fast to grow KarLena ship, turning into a ridiculous shipping war that is even more ridiculous to those who know the truth. Even so, to Lena, what starts as a lighthearted distraction grows into something of an obsession, as the myriad of stories make her laugh, cry and wonder in turn, all while making her further yearn for her best friend in both alteregos.

If so many believe that a Luthor and a Super are meant to be together, then maybe they have a chance after all The shadowhunters and downworlders were teleported to a place where time is non- existent by an unknown being to see a coupe of glimpses of Alec's future.

The time zone is like the 1st 3 episodes of the show when they teleported. And some of the things that that group is going to read or see won't be cannon. Archive of our own? What is that? Some sort of backlog of the Hero Billboard Chart? Or bi guys. Or questioning guys. Any guys really, that may like another guy. She knew it was different, perhaps a little weird. But it brought her joy and the few friends she had seemed to understand and support her.I am terribly sorry.

This is the first half of Hacksaw Ridge. I tried to keep my story schedule in order, but I cannot afford to lag behind in my coursework. I may have to push back my writings for the time being until I can get some breathing room.

I should be fine. He saw some rather gory scenes from previous viewings, and he helped slaughter poultry on other farms before. This viewing should be fine, right? What about you? Ruby had her red hood over her head already in case she saw something she didn't want to see. I'm a huntress-in-training after all. A snort could be heard from Raven.

The world out there is unforgiving. This would be a good opportunity to get used to what lies ahead in the world. The scene opens up to a barrel of a three-gun turret rotating to the audience's left. Overhead, the sky was sickly gray, foretelling the gruesome battle that will soon take place.

With the naval artillery turrets in position, It was time to retake the island from the occupying Imperial Japanese Army. Bright fiery and deafening explosions reverberated through the air as the naval guns began their bombardment upon the island. The sound of mechanical whirling could be heard over the thunderous blast, dictating the elevation of the naval artillery turrets.

The island was now heavily peppered by artillery, laying waste to everything. Occupying below the island's cliff were the American soldiers tasked with ridding the island of Japanese occupation. They gathered around the cliff, watching thick black smoke and orange explosions thunder overhead. The camera pans up slowly, showcasing the devastation power of the US navy. A soldier wielding a flamethrower shook his head, expression unreadable. It was a soldier with a distant and haunted expression.

Ironwood remained quiet, slightly sympathizing with the haunted-looking soldier. It was the look he saw in many others and himself. A distant look into a nightmare that haunts their mind for months and years to come. A mental scar upon their malleable minds that potentially warps and deforms their thoughts and action. As the bombardment started to die down, it was time for the soldiers to ascend the cliffs.

The majority of the soldiers looked down on the ground with a fearful or conflicted expression. Everyone else had their attention numbly drawn to the cliffs where they will soon be advancing through what could be described as hell. Several more artillery bombardment struck the island, sending debris everywhere. With the last artillery shell landing, it was time for them to advance. Without a word, the soldiers bravely advanced towards the cliff in columns.A large, thick metal claw descended into the machine and Blake wailed in grief.

The platform Yang had stood on came back up to reveal the blonde renegade frozen in a solid block of greyish stone, her face contorted in preparation for pain and her hands raised defensively. Neither Weiss nor Blake had seen Yang look so vulnerable. Her slab fell backwards with such a thud, Weiss and Blake held each other for support. Emerald walked to the opposite side of the slab from Weiss and Blake, and checked a small panel on the side of the slab. The same officer from before walked into the chamber and up to Vader.

See to it that she finds her way in here. Sustrai," she walked up to Emerald when she took Weiss' arm and Blake growled, "Take the princess and the faunus to my ship. Pray I don't alter it any further.

Emerald glared at the Dark Lady's back. She looked to the frozen form of Yang, then to Blake and Weiss, still clutching each other and released an angry sigh. You wanna be an asshole? Two can play that game. So, yes, rebellion is in order. Ruby walked carefully and quietly through the halls of Cloud City, Penny following her.

She had been on edge since she landed.

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The whole place seemed deserted, and no one had approached her when she touched down. She had taken off her flight suit, and was dressed in the clothes she had worn on Dagobah, her lightsaber clipped to her belt and her blaster pistol at the ready.

Meanwhile, Adam led the frozen form of Yang back to his ship, escorted by a pair of Imperial technicians and stormtroopers. Ruby heard them coming and hid around the corner from them. When they passed, she followed after. She was about to round another corner when Adam popped out and fired at her. Ruby managed to make it back into cover, but the shots were heard by Weiss' group, led by Emerald and another squad of stormtroopers. Emerald took advantage of the distraction to use the small control pad built into her wrist communicator to send instructions to her cybernetic lieutenant.

Ruby ran down the hall Adam went and ran into Weiss' escort. The officer in charge ordered the stormtroopers to suppress her while he pushed Weiss and Blake forward. It's a trap! Ignoring her, Ruby followed after them, her path leading right into the freezing chamber.

Her exit locked behind her and the lights in the room came on fully. Ruby's eyes hardened as she put away her blaster and drew her lightsaber.

The blue blade came to life as she reached the top of the stairs and was held at the ready. Vader drew her own blood red blade and crossed it with Ruby's.

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Ruby struck first with a pair of overhead strikes that Vader easily blocked. Ruby went for the same move, but stronger, but Vader blocked that too and threw Ruby onto her ass, showing the Dark Lady's superior physicality.It's pretty self-explanatory, really. I have a short list of movies I want to do, but feel free to make suggestions.

If I like the idea, I might just do it. And now, on with the show! We have very important plans to be making. We need to take some time to relax, and recharge. Otherwise, we won't be any good when we need to be. Ain't that right, Blakey? A few minutes later, the group of thirteen entered the theater laden with popcorn, drinks, and enough candy to last them till judgement day.

rwby watches movies fanfiction

Yang and Ren were designated distributers of said candy, because, well because Ruby and Nora. Ilia made sure to sit next to Blake and Sun, but as far away from Weiss as possible.

rwby watches movies fanfiction

She still had trouble trusting the former Schnee heiress. The adults sat a few rows back to allow the youngsters a relative bit of privacy. The lights began to dim, and everyone, thinking the film was about to start, quieted down and stared at the screen. However, instead of the film beginning, a shaggy white wolf walked out and sat before them.

You may call me Logan. Welcome to my theater. Tonight, you will be entertained by a series of hand-picked movies of my own choice from a world known as Earth. However, each of these movies will be staring all of you in one capacity or another.

Perhaps even people you'd rather not look upon at all. If it helps, simply think of these as alternate universes.

By stepping into this theater, you have entered what is essentially a pocket dimension that is unbound by the laws of reality. You will be returned to your world either when I get bored, or if the ideas cease to come to me. Schnee, and you just might find out. And yes, I do in fact know all your names and a good deal of your personal histories. The theater filled with the sounds of the jungle as the beginning credits began to roll along with the title. The screen showed a thicket of jungle which was shaking, showing signs of movement within.

Occasionally, it would show a Faunus worker wearing an orange hardhat. Qrow stood amongst the group of Faunus workers- all holding weapons that looked obviously non-lethal- holding his Harbinger fully deployed in scythe mode. Ruby could tell he was serious about whatever was happening since his flask was nowhere to be seen. Eventually, a forklift appeared from within the jungle carrying a small shipping container with what appeared to be ventilation holes cut into it.

The forklift brought the container over to a loading dock next to some sort of holding pen and lowered it to the ground before quickly back off.

Text appeared onscreen, reading "Isla Nublar, miles west of Menagerie. Qrow approached the box before turning back to the workers, "Okay, pushing team, move in there. I want tasers on full charge. Whatever was in the container screeched and caused the container to shake, scaring the crew and making them back away in fright.

More workers moved to help their co-workers, working to find purchase on the container without risk to themselves. Loading team step away.

【RWBY】 Recording Session feat. White Rose 【手描きMAD】

When it had reached Geoffery's waist, the creature in the container shrieked and ran.The day had been such a fine one to the eyes of team RWBY. Why wouldn't it be. The young huntresses-in-training have accomplished many things during their stay at Beacon. Learning to get along, working hard to achieve their goals, and finally having full trust in each other. It had been a long journey. From their battles against Torchiwck and the White Fang, to the fall of Beacon and the Grimm invasion that happened.

RWBY Fanfic Ideas, Recommendations, and Discussion

An event that fractured the team where they had been all separated and displaced. Yet after such a long journey, they have finally reunited together at long last thanks to the aid of their friends and allies.

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Defeating the White Fang, Cinder's group, and Adam. Beating them together and now able to help Ozpin fight against this grand enemy.

Holding the relic with them. Of course in doing so, they naturally got tired from the entire thing. Which was why everybody was now ready to fall asleep in the Belladonna home courtesy of Blake's parents.

That is until they found themselves in some strange area with chairs and a rather large screen in front of them. As they checked their surroundings, Ruby herself noticed something missing from her hip. Crescent Rose is gone. This got the other members of the team to realize their weapons were also gone as well.

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Blake, Yang and Weiss were naturally angered by their losses. Before they could ask further questions though, they heard other voices as well. My head feels so funny. Ren, did I drink to many smoothies again? Not just them either, as even more people appeared ranging from people they knew well or heard of.

Others they also knew but far from liked. What the Near them were two others, Adam Taurus and Neopolitan.

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The bull faunus himself already glaring at Blake who did the same thing, but before a highly likely bloodbath came, a voice boomed into existence. This captured quite a bit of confusion to everybody inside. Only one of course had the courage to talk back to them. And I am the current keeper of this cool area you see before you. Ruby looked around only to see a white space, chairs, and the impossibly held big screen near them.

Before she could say anything else though, Adam spoke up. A sigh could be heard before the voice spoke again. Many were kinda like Weiss, none wanting to be near their enemies and having their own goals.

However the keeper calmed them all down.

rwby watches movies fanfiction

And as for being enemies, don't worry. I set up a special field so that none of you could even harm one another. Hearing this, Nora immediately punched Jaune in the face.

Getting a rather painful yell as her fist nearly knocked him out. Ruby looking rather shocked and said, "I thought we couldn't harm one another?People, people he knew, frozen in place - stuck doing whatever they had For all his effort, Cardin didn't show much of a reaction.

Jaune will have an eventual Fem-harem. He wanted to cut costs on Huntsmen protection. Blake, ignoring his remark, regains her balance and faints to the left and throws a punch to the right. Dipper: Not it! Mabel: Not it! Guy in the question mark shirt: Uh, also not it!

Stan: Nobody asked you, Soos. For those who don't know, I'm taking over my brother's idea since he can no longer write. And the reason why it was taken down is really stupid. They drain your will to go on," Maria explained. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these reactions. Actually, give credit to the authors, period, no matter what website they are from.

If you wish to do a fanfiction, remember, it has to be in some way related to RWBY. Give them credit as well. Add to Favourites. Untitled Part 2 5. With all the shenanigans of having something for the cast to react to. Treppahcs felt it was time to send a show to a new universe since Deadman did his mlp rwby.

Since then,i haven't been able to get around on doing this. Brs X Rwby Fanfic Chapter 1 Wattpad Rwby watch the jaune arc s of multiverse x harem remnant s gamer a rwby fanfic chapter 9 initiation part i rwby fanfiction reading an innocent curiosity you future rose rwby fanfiction chapter 1 baskets wattpad. We're getting very impatient and frustrated at how frequent these sort of discussions and problems crop up, so it is no-tolerance when it comes to this in RWBY in general from now on.

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