Pull out drawers for vans


We invented the first telescoping truck bed extender in Since then, our ingenuity and desire to push the boundaries of design and fabrication have made us an industry leader. Our Extendobed products are made to work as hard as you do. Extendobed products help you get more accomplished by increasing the capacity of your truck and allowing you to load and unload quickly and safely, whether by hand or forklift. Federal Emergency Funds Available. All are ready for immediate shipment. Specialized storage solutions for Law Enforcement in fully-extendable and simplified designs.

We are proud to be able to design and manufacture products that work as hard as our customers do. We work on the forefront of innovation to take products from an idea all the way to the end consumer. Sign up and receive the latest products and promotions via email. No spam, we promise. Law and Traffic Enforcement Solutions Regardless of your job, having an organized workspace where everything you need is at your fingertip Make Your Work Vehicle Work for You: Installations for Every Industry Regardless of the industry, if you depend on a work vehicle to haul and store tools and equipment, y At Extendobed, we make every effort to ensure our product is rugged, durable, and meets the professional demands of every day use.

We are proud that our product is used in thousands of locations across the world and know that it helps assist in saving lives, time, and money. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. Your company is customer sensitive, no-pressure sales approach was much appreciated. Thank you very much for the great work and detail that went into it!

My only regret is that I did not do it years sooner. I love it. The people there worked with me to craft a custom configuration to suit my needs.

The bed worked so well in our nursery business that I was able to increased my nursery products delivery while saving my overused back. The next season, I equipped all my delivery vehicles with Extendobeds, I purchased 2 more units. Been using them for 15 years.

I couldn't get along without them.KAT Vehicle Shelving appreciates that everyone and every business is unique. So if our standard range does not suit you we can simply design a slide drawer system that does.

Drawer Units

With a fully equipped workshop on site and experienced and helpful staff available, designing a tailored made slide drawer storage solution has never been easier. We are confident given the chance you will be more than happy that you chose KAT Vehicle Shelving to assist you in creating the ideal storage solutions for you and your business. And much much more Saturday, 18 April KAT Shelving.

pull out drawers for vans

Slide Drawer Systems. Custom Fitouts. Designed to suit your business. From Old to New. Plastic Storage. Vehicle Accessories. Auto Accessories. Location Map.

Site Map. Enquiry Form. Photo Gallery. Slide Drawers for Van Shelving Kits. Technician Benches. Slide Drawers. They have been designed to fit most makes and models of commercial vans and utes and can even be fitted into tradesman trailers.Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. We will just be focusing on the left side storage box first.

While Johnny and I cut pieces to width on the table saw, Molly was cutting pieces to length on the miter-saw. We used this awesome crosscut sled from Rockler to insure our crosscuts were nice and square at the table saw. Before assembly we went ahead and sanded everything with grit paper.

When assembling the box we used wood glue, brad nails to hold everything together, and finally finish head screws to add some extra strength.

Make sure you are keeping things square while assembling. Next is was time to mount the drawer slides which was really tricky. We pulled the box out slightly and screwed the slide into the box. Last step for this side was to create the drawer front. Johnny cut a board to fit and used a clever trick with playing cards to get the drawer front centered.

We cut a small strip of leather out using a rotary cutter and then punched a small hole for a screw to go threw.

pull out drawers for vans

Using a finish head washer available from Rockler we screwed the leather handle on insuring that the screws we used would go all the way through and into the box to attach the draw front on. That wraps up this side and now onto the kitchen side. This pullout is different in that its just a platform and not a full box. The kitchen boxes will sit on top of this platform and will be able to be taken off and used else where very easily.

We used the same method of first applying glue and tacking it together with brad nails and then adding strength with screws. Last step in this project was to again attach the draw slides.

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This side was a bit easier as the opening was larger, but still required us to remove the box to finish the last couple of screws. With that in place the pullouts are done. To see the kitchen boxes being built be sure to check out Crafted Workshop's video.Looking to keep your parts organized? Watch our PartsKeeper video here. Large capacity van and truck tool drawers are hard to find.

pull out drawers for vans

Ranger Design has gone the distance to come up with one that stows so much. Made from rust free aluminum, these cases feature strong welded construction, a tray that extends on 3 ball bearing rollers, a stainless steel locking paddle latch and an attractive bright finish. These tool drawers may be installed for access by either the side or rear door of the van.

The Ranger Design aluminum storage cabinet features:. Locking bar allows padlocking of all compartments simultaneously. Each drawer has a lbs weight capacity in our van cabinets. The Ranger Design Partskeeper parts organizers helps the mobile technician to take small parts anywhere on the job site and save return trips to the van. These also make great nut and bolt storage bins. Removable bins included. The Ranger Design Axess Tray ensures that you get more out of your cargo van. Each drawer has a weight capacity of lbs.

For more info on these van drawers and parts cabinets, please give us a call atcontact us or request a quote. Click here to find a Ranger Design Authorized van upfitter in your area. Watch Drawers Video. Watch Axess Tray Video.

City Express Electrical Side2 - W 1 of 4. The parts drawers are capable of easily handling lbs. Studies have proved that a well-organized van can save a technician at least ten minutes per day.

Drivers are treated to a quiet, distraction-free ride. Access to all the most used tools and parts from the ground reduces back injuries caused by climbing, reaching, and twisting inside the vehicle.Servicing heavy equipment in all environments from heat, cold, snow and rain, I push my equipment and CTech aluminum drawers never falter.

With the ability to create all the organization needed I am able to carry a large inventory of parts that are easily accessible. My CTech units have never caused any trouble and are loaded with large amounts of weight with the truck is used off-road daily. All in all great product and great group of people to work with. Thanks CTech. After the MotionLatch handle was such a success in CTech's other products other industries found areas to utilize this product.

Make your own Truck Bed Drawers

Drawer units are not a new concept in the Service Truck Body market but CTech drawers changed the market forever with our parametric designed module aluminum drawer units. We offer standard configured tool drawers for all the major truck body manufacturers and in most cases the CTech drawer unit can be added as an option directly from the factory.

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Aluminum drawer units are not only used to fill compartments in truck bodies. They can be added to any opening including existing cabinetry you may have in your garage, shop, trailer, truck, van or any other opening.

There are 3 different style of drawer inserts which covers any possible mounting solution. A more robust option for mounting, allowing for front, rear, top and bottom mounting. Designed to mount to a flat front flange and back panel of any existing cabinet opening.

Also available and shown with flooring mounting brackets. A free standing housing insert can be placed directly into any opening or stand alone applications as well. Mountable from any panel: top, bottom, or back. CTech Tool Drawers combine show quality finish with Extreme durability. As all our other products, our drawers are parametrically designed for custom sizing with ease. We have also personally measured most major truck body manufacturers opens and can offer standard units for most openings on most truck bodies with guaranteed fitment.

CTech aluminum tool drawers are are primarily associated with the Service Truck Body industry, but we offer aluminum drawer stacks for any opening in any application.

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The durability of CTech products allows for the ability to service any industry. Existing cabinets, carts, service vehicle are all able to be retrofitted with CTech Drawers. Drawer Gallery. RFQ Form. Ctech express. Cabinet Insert Style Designed to mount to a flat front flange and back panel of any existing cabinet opening. Housing Insert Style A free standing housing insert can be placed directly into any opening or stand alone applications as well.

Mounting Diagram Tool Drawer.A new product gives pull-out convenience for everything you need to cook, including literally the kitchen sink.

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Backcountry chefs can rejoice. While the cost is sky-high see below the unit looks slick. For dedicated overlanders who have big budgets, the product is a streamlined solution to save space and truly take it all with you.

Made by California-based Scout Equipment Co. The company includes surfaces, compartments, and appliances that pull out and nest together. The large main drawer sits in a truck bed as you travel. Pull it out and the unit can hold hundreds of pounds. It can include a sink with running water; a front-loading fridge; drawers and organizational inserts for all cooking utensils; food-prep surfaces; LED lighting; USB charging ports; and even a magnetic paper-towel holder.

The kitchen comes bolted to a vehicle-specific base plate. For now, the Overland Kitchen works with Toyota 4Runner trucks. Soon, the company will add compatibility for Sprinter vans, full-size pickups, Tacomas, and Jeep JK models. Said Scout Equipment Co. You'll do some real 'camping' with this new entry to the trailer market, which comes with an outdoors kitchen and integrates the user closely with the surrounding environment.

Read moreā€¦. You may be stuck at home, but thankfully so is your grill. Try out these three recipes to challenge and improve your grilling skills while sheltering at home. Full Kitchen Convenience Anywhere The large main drawer sits in a truck bed as you travel.

Sink with pumped water for food prep and cleanup Said Scout Equipment Co. Micro Camper Is A 'Front Porch' For Your Campsite You'll do some real 'camping' with this new entry to the trailer market, which comes with an outdoors kitchen and integrates the user closely with the surrounding environment. Top Trending on GearJunkie. Keep Reading. The GearJunkie Podcast.If you follow this guide they will stand up to years of wear and tear. Materials Plywood is strong and easy to work with, making it ideal for building this project.

I used 17mm plywood for the base and the drawer sides and 12mm for the drawer bottoms to save on weight. I recommend to use similar sizes mm for the base and stick with 12mm for the drawer bottoms. The amount you will need will depend on a couple things, the size of your truck bed and the height of the unit.

The height of the drawers need considering, especially if you have a canopy fitted to your truck. Higher drawers will allow you to fit in more items but will reduce the space above the unit.

That is a decision you need to make for yourself. The biggest saving that you make by building yourself, is the cost of the drawer slides. Long heavy duty drawer slides are expensive. The first task is to build the base floor. I used strips of plywood around mm wide and built up the base by joining them with pocket holes. This may appear like a lot of work but pocket holes are fast to work with. By using strips it was easy to size for my bed and make the base a perfect fit.

It will also be lighter than a full sheet and you can use up any smaller pieces of plywood you may have. This can also be achieved with a single sheet.

You will need to work out the dimensions of your truck bed and make cutouts for the wheel arches etc. Next the base sides, centre piece and back need cutting and fixing.

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The height of these pieces are 20mm deeper than the drawers. Regular screws driven in from underneath the base would work. I fixed them with pocket hole screws. You should always predrill and use glue before driving in the screws.

Drawers & Slide Systems

Take your time and be sure the sides and centre piece are parallel. The drawers are nothing fancy, a simple box glued and screwed together. The drawer bottoms were cut to fit then glued and nailed those in place. Drawer Slides. Going back to the base we are now ready to fit the skateboard bearings to make the drawer slides.

First we need to work out the height for the bearings. This is determined by the position the runner was fixed onto the drawers. There needs to be around 10mm between the drawer bottom and the base floor. The gap between the top and bottom bearings should be the same thickness as the runner, a slight gap would be fine.

I made a quick jig to drill the holes in the correct position. Then it is a case of drilling holes for the bearings to be bolted to the sides. Watching the video at this stage will be helpful.

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