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Is it possible to put a junior clutch in a sx to make the engagement rpm lower, as of now there is a irp clutch in it. Lowest engagement rpm is rpm, wondering if it's possible to lower it more any info would be great.

If it's older than that i got no idea. Back in the 50 days of clutch washer stacks uggghhh I lived that nightmareyou could put in springs instead of washers.

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It was way easier for the kid to ride but did NOT hold up well for racing. Again, model year matters here It's ait has a aftermarket clutch in it, lowest engagement is rpm, maybe I will have to go with a oem one, coming from a honda 50 it's a big change.

That IRP clutch is a good clutch. We ran one in our The kid will get use to it with time. Two completely different bikes. Find an open open field and put in some hours. I think IRP actually has a lower engagement point than stock. Maybe I will get a stock one and compare, just seems like when it engages its as already on the pipe and ready to Rip compared to the steady crf 50 power. Keeping that clutch working right was a nightmare That's the way they are designed.

Constant blipping and running around with the clutch not fully locked up all the time is what does the clutches in. The faster the rider, the longer the clutch life, to a point. Richard Tease II. Unfortunately you are not going to get it to come on like a crf To low of an engagement point is going to cause slipping which builds heat, combined with slow air flow into the rads and over the motor.

ktm 50 forum

Over heating will melt that plastic water pump gear and fry the stator. Hopefully the stator fails before the bike locks up.

By that time though, your looking at a new top end anyways.Post ALL classifieds in this section. For now, no rules, no limits but this will most likely change in the future.

Rekluse Clutch cover Anthing that doesn't fit the above listed categories - Vehicles, Trailers, etc. Big bike or small, adult or child - For now, use this section to place any "wanted to buy" stuff. WTB kick stand and bracket Lectron 36mm carb complete Items already sold, or WTP that have been found no posting or new topics in this section. XC Gear Spurz foot pegs.

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Members status. This is not where you ask ' How do I jet my bike ' or or other questions about bikes. Instead, it is for asking how to do things on KTMTalk If you don't know how to do something at KTMtalk, or are having troubles doing something, post your question here. Posting Facebook Videos. Before you ask what seems to be a perfectly innocent question about the website, look here first.

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Tell us about yourself, what you ride, where you ride New member in Georgia. Take the polls - let us know how old you are, what you ride, how old your bike is, and more. General KTM topics which don't fit into 2 stroke, 4 stroke, or any of the other catagories.

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Homemade wooden bike stand Trees, land, birds and noise. If it's an envoronmental issue about our sport, this is the place for it. Would like to hear from those Show us whacha got. Helmet cam video, race footage, bikes, etc. New Bike. Why did I wait Any Gray KTMs? Been riding lately? Took a trip with the bike?? Tell us all about it here. Where did you go? What was the place like?I'm running factory settings.

ktm 50 forum

Son is zero to half throttle at most. I'm thinking of dropping needle by one and then adjusting air screw.

Need buying advice for KTM 50 sx

Yes me sponsors are real. GuyWithABike wrote:. I would drop the needle one clip. If it continues I would drop the main one number as well. I dropped both on my grandsons 50 SX Mini as it would foul plugs when new. So you know more about oil then KTM does? Nothing wrong with the oil he is running, if he gets it jetted correctly it will burn any excess oil out of the pipe. No reason wasting a repack until it's jetted correctly. But then again I've only been riding and racing sincehow long for you there Brody?

Didn't think so, I will continue to believe the engineers at KTM that recommend that oil. Oh, and nowhere I've found does it state that oil is only for racing wide open. I have looked over many studies and have had friends help me look into some oils who have chemical engineering degrees. Also motorex sponsors ktm and gives them free oil so why would you not say to run that in all ktms. Thats like being sponsored by monster and not recommending them.

Jake Robinson. People at the track are saying the clutch is slipping or going out but the clutch is brand new.

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Any suggestions or thoughts would be awesome. Thank you. Sorry very green, we just started our 50 adventure.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in.


Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. My boys have ktm 50 mini sx and I'v had nothing but trouble with them since I brought them. I had them fixed and a reduction kit put one. Found out its a manufacturing problem. Took both bikes back in to have the problem fixed by replacing the cast clutch pins with stainless pins. Well KTM fixed the one that was broken and under warrenty and put the stainless clutch pins in it but the other I had to pay for because it hadnt done the same thing yeaa becoues it hadn't been riden!!!!

So l had KTM fix both them and had reduction kit put in the secend bike. I want to know how to set the boys bikes up to ride in the bush?

What plugs to run, jetting and that sort of thing Is there any other problems with the Ktm's that anyone knows about? Is any manufacturer ever going to make a kids enduro bike??????? Tags: None. A four stroke would be better for putting kids in the bush.

A rejet should stop plugs from fouling Also maybe running too much oil in fuel mix? My YouTube channel. Comment Post Cancel. Reidy, I can't solve your problems but I'll comment. The family club we ride with has heaps of these 50s, So far I've not been involved with or asked to rejet them. I've done heaps of 65 and 85s though I'll ask what the right set up is next time I go. They are noisy little things, but they go hard, some of the better kids ride fairly tough tracks on the larger wheeled model.

ktm 50 forum

They are also temperamental, often in the pits with clutch issues. They rev high so I would keep up the oil in petrol ratio, it's more the jetting that is fouling plugs IMO Just thinking out aloud here Do they have an air screw on the carby? If so, try a quarter turn out, this might help with plug foul as that often happens at idle on these centrifugal clutch bikes. They are either on the pipe or idling, even when moving.

Good luck with them. I'll keep in touch if I get any good info.Also if you any of you are trying to sell one that is within driving distance of Las vegas please let me know.

I wish I would have bought my kid golf clubs instead of the fortune I spent on pre 09's. We had an 05 for our daughter. It was a pretty solid bike the two years we owned it. We did have a couple of problems. The kick starter seal always seeped a little. A tooth broke off the clutch basket gear. You need to change the transmission oil a lot to keep the clutch happy. I always over filled the trans oil to keep the clutch as cool as possible. The best resource for knowledge is KTMtalk, they have a whole 50cc section.

All race 50's can be great or they can completely suck. It usually all comes down to maintenance. Forget everything you know about big bike interval.

We ran all three brands through out the years with good success Do yourself a favour, your time with your boy on 50's will go by fast! Buy a brand new bike and you'll enjoy those years ALOT more.

MotoDad77 wrote:. I watched my brother tear his fucking hair out on those little bikes. He had two and seemed like he wrenched on the clutches constantly. I believe the clutch has been updated since then.

We started out on a PW Those things are bullet proof. It has been great with no big issues. Broke the frame once but a welder fixed that issue. I change the oil after 2 rides. I think it's been a great bike. I seem to work less on the KTM than my friend's do on their Cobra's.Home Links FAQ. Pro Sr. Spare Parts Notes - This model had very minor changes made from years - Most all parts are interchangable between these years '' Have any questions about parts?

Or need help choosing the right ones? Upgrade from Stock OEM 39mm piston to this kit for added power. These models have an AIR cooled engine. Have a model made between and ? These older bikes use the Morini Franco engine as shown below. This easy to see it from a distance because the cylinder is silver in color and uses a intake manifold with only two bolts.

The piston has a round hole in the intake side. The ring are not the same top and bottom. These bikes are built solid and will be around for a long time, passed down from one kid to the next when they out grow them. Chassis parts are difficult to find but the Morini Franco engines are very popular and we have a great supply available. Both cylinders have a intake manifold with only two bolts. The pistons are different for these two models. The aluminum cylinder piston uses two flat rings.

Pro Jr. Most all parts are interchangable between the years '' Spare Parts Notes -This model had very minor changes made from years - High Performance Parts - KTM50s produce a lot of power considering the tiny size and light weight of this 49cc engine.

A old worn out clutch will slip and not allow the engines full power to get to the rear wheel. Above is a - KTM 50 Pro senior model. This easy to see it from a distance because the cylinder is BLACK in color and uses a intake manifold with four bolts. The piston has a ovel hole in the intake side. The ring are the same top and bottom.

The other only difference for the different years is the clutch assembly.Ktm 50 mini runs great on stand,and idles great. But when my my son who weighs 50 lbs gets on it after he starts too get into the gas it will bog down and wants too stall! Please help kids are upset they can't ride. It sounds like the clutch is suspect to me, especially if it runs good unloaded rear wheel off the ground. I was instructed to change the oil after every 15 minutes of ride time and the clutch washers still gunked up.

Doesn't let the bike rev before the clutch engages??? Or the clutch won't engage at all? As I type this I realize that's been eleven damn years ago IF it's at Mini Adventure, it should have springs instead of shims. My daughter had one, some knucklehead had tried to 'soup it up' by putting in clutch shims instead of springs. I screwed around with it for a while before we figured out that it is supposed to have springs. I went back to them, very cheap, and it worked fine. Beginners won't know the difference.

And honestly even in the SX models with inexperienced riders springs will probably be fine and save you a but load of maintenance shims have to be cleaned routinely.

ktm 50 mini

Next stop would be reed valves. Next stop after that is piston ring. God I love those simple little two strokes!! Vital MX - Motocross. Related: Edit Tags Done. Edit Tags Done. SX or Adventure? Spring washer stack or coil springs? Tweet More The Latest. Video Highlights: Fox Raceway National.

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